Available for hire!!!
Hey there I'm Jimmy!

I am a recent Physics graduate from the physics department of the University of Namibia. My primary field of research is gamma-ray astrophysics. I am a part of the H.E.S.S. collaboration in the galactic and extra-galctic working groups.

I completed my honors degree in the Physics department of the University of Namibia. This required 4 years of course work culminating in an original thesis. This is when I was introduced to the High Energy Stereoscopic System and went on to do a masters degree in the context of H.E.S.S.


I am most interested in the use of computing, mathematics and physics in the real world. I have done a number of courses on Coursera to get the most of my degrees and now I am proficient in a number of programming languages and have gained additional statistical skills such as Hypothesis testing. This allows me to enter fields such as data science. I now enjoy using the skills developing software, contributing to larger projects.

At the moment I am available for hire. I can do a number of things for companies ranging from academia to banking. I would be a valuable addition to any team in just about any company as I can analyze customer data and grant them insight into how their customers think and behave. I am a proficient web developer as well and therefore could do so for any employer. My Physics degree allows me to be versatile and most importantly gives me an uperhand in any research based work.